Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Crayon Monoprints

If you happen to find a warming tray at a thrift shop or garage sale, pick it up, by all means. Not to use to keep your pan of lasagna warm at a potluck dinner, but to create some quick monoprints with your kids. Plug in the tray, and when it's warm, draw on the surface with fat crayons. The crayons melt on the surface. Place a piece of paper on top of your crayon drawing, cover with some newspaper to protect your hands from the heat, and rub the surface. A monoprint is created. Fat crawyons are best to keep little hands further from the heat. Best to do with little ones that are not so little and children that are good at following your instructions. I did some with four year olds today, and it was a hit.

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