Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Moroccan Paper Basket

This piece was created by a class of toddlers and framed to be auctioned at a school fundraiser. I planned the piece so that it could be dropped into a standard 18 x 24" frame. The toddlers and older children at the school have been studying Morocco this year and the basket is based on the beautiful, colorful baskets of that country.


The basket is constructed from brown and black sheets of corrugated paper. I taped all the pieces of the basket to a sheet of heavy gold paper, so that it was like a puzzle. The children, working one at a time, selected the shape that they wanted and pulled it off the sheet of gold paper. They dabbed on some paint and returned the "puzzle piece" to its original spot. When they were all finished I glued the pieces in place.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentine Template

The valentines were made by three year olds. I gave them a cut-out of a heart that was taped over a sheet of white paper. In other words, a stencil. They used markers to draw lines from side to side of the stencil so that the design of the heart would appear.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Moroccan Courtyard Paintings

These paintings were done with three to five year olds. There were four wrapped canvases that we painted, one in each classroom. The canvases are 16 x 20. I started out by doing a pencil drawing of a Moroccan courtyard directly on the canvas. I gathered a selection of vibrant acrylic paints. Blue painter's tape was used to block out arears so that the children could easily paint different areas using sponge brushes. After the background dried they used the homemade stamps pictured to add pattern and texture. I made the stamps with craft foam that was glued to small block of wood. We threw in some metallic paints to add some razzle dazzle.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Rubber Cement as a Mask

I was figuring out how I would mask out areas on a canvas for a group project that I am working on with some children. I remembered how easy and fun it is to work with rubber cement, and that I even had some on my messy shelf of art supples. I brushed the image of a palm tree with the rubber cement onto the canvas. When it was dry, I painted over my tree with some light green acrylic paint. When the paint was dry, I rubbed away the rubber cement and my tree appeared. Since you don't have a lot of control with the rubber cement it is easier to be carefree with the process.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Autumn Paper Wreath

This little projects is a good way to reuse some old CDs. I made the wreaths with some very young children today. I used white glue to add a ribbon loop to the back of the CDs, before the children started, so that they would be able to hang their wreaths. All of the gold strips to go around the outside had been cut out for them as well as the leaves and flowers. The flowers were just cut into spirals and if they are not glued down flat, they have a bit of a pop-up affect.
Glue sticks were used to attach the gold (or "golden" according to the children) paper to the CDs. The children had a little trouble fanning out the strips to ressemble a wreath. I compared the strips of paper to the rays of the sun, but I'm not sure that helped. The buttons were added with a dab of white glue.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide

Explore a variety of high quality, artisan-made paper items that are ideal gifts for the paper lovers on your list - or win over those who have never considered paper to be gift-worthy! You'll also find specialty paper if you prefer to make your own presents. Ann Martin at All Things Paper created the guide and I am pleased to say that I am included in it! My fox print is one of the picks. If you are a fan of the arts, think about making a purchase from one of the artisans this holiday season.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Pressed Flower Plate

This is a simple project to start with your children that ultimately needs to be finished by an adult. I realize that I'm not posting this at a very advantageous time for those who live in a part of the world that is deep into autumn, like myself, but I just happened to finish the plate over the weekend.


I found my plate at a thrift store. It's a standard dinner size. I collected the flowers and leaves from my garden, avoiding anything that was too thick. I thought in terms of shapes that would flatten nicely. I placed my bits of nature between paper towels and then between some sheets of printer paper. I sandwiched the items into a thick art history book and sat a couple of other heavy books on top. After a week they ware nicely pressed. I used white glue to adhere the petals to the plate. After they dried, I used an epoxy resin to cover the portion of the plate with the flowers. This is the part that I would advise you NOT to include children. The material is toxic and I used gloves when I was dealing with it. The epoxy resin adds a glossy shine and will protect the pressed flowers. I almost backed out of using the product, but I'm glad I went ahead since it gives the plate a finished look. I used the 8 oz. Easy Cast that I picked up at a large craft store. There are 2 different solutions that you will need to mix together and then pour onto your plate. I used an old credit card to spread the resin. Bubbles did develop on the surface, but I found that after the plate had set for about 20 minutes I was able to gently pop most of the bubbles with the credit card. Just be gentle so that you don't disturb the surface. It takes about 2 days to dry.