Thursday, April 27, 2017

Make a Pencil Holder and Magnet

Making Father's Day or Mother's Day gifts with preschoolers can be challenging. Even though I treasure the bracelet my son made for me in preschool with plastic beads, a jingle bell and a piece of elastic, sometimes we would like to kick it up a notch. The pictured pencil holders and magnets were the examples that I made to show the children that I worked with on Monday. Even though they did require assistance, there were aspects that they were able to complete on their own.
We saved 16 ounce tin cans for the pencil holders. I had five or six different colors of tissue cut to the approximate length and width required to go around the can. The children used oil pastel to draw on the tissue. Since tissue tears easily, I suggested that they make simple marks such as squiggly lines and dots. A couple of the children drew flowers or people. They coated the can with glossy Mod Podge and a sponge brush. I attached the tissue to the can. They then selected a contrasting color, added more marks, and we layered that onto the can. The ribbon was also pre-cut. I added that with white glue.
The magnets are made from cut-out wooden shapes that I had purchased. The children painted their shape with acrylic. We used a paper towel to blot off the excess since they do love to layer on the paint. They squeezed a hefty quantity of glitter glue onto the shape and spread it out with a sponge brush. They added little shiny embellishments to the glue to mimic scales. I purchased some surprisingly strong magnets at Hobby Lobby that I glued to the back once the glitter glue had dried. It makes for a cute gift to send home, especially since the magnet attaches to the tin can. I always enjoy a project where I can upcycle at least one item!

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