Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Craft with Old Dvds

Old CDs or DVDs are the perfect size and material to turn into a plate for monoprints with little kids. I added a bit of acrylic paint to tempera so that the consistency was a bit thicker. Using a sponge brush, I coated the CD and made lines in the paint with a Q-Tip. I turned the CD over onto the white paper and made the print. If one print was too faint or I didn't like it, I simply printed on top of it.


  1. This is a good idea to create art with DVDs. Kids will ove to participate in this art activity. I have lots of damaged DVDs so will use them for creating this art pattern.

  2. Vicki- could you clarify 1)the ratio of acrylic to tempera paint , 2) how much paint to apply...I tried this and my “drawings” smeared out or perhaps the q tip indents were too shallow, and 3)what kind of paper works best. Thank you!