Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Making Pinwheels with Pipe Cleaners

I've posted before about making pinwheels, but I recently discovered how to make them without using a push pin and still have them function well.
. To anchor the pinwheel to the wooden dowel and allow it to move freely with the breeze, I threaded a pipe cleaner, that I had cut in half, through a large plastic button. I then twisted the pipe cleaner around itself a couple times so that there would be a little space between the pipe cleaner and the dowel. I then twisted the pipe cleaner around the dowel. I was surprised that it rotated so easily. Usually I glue the points of the pinwheel to the center, but this time I used a stapler and it did make it more secure.
Pinwheels are such a nice, old fashioned toy and a good end-of-the-summer activity.

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  1. I will be using your great tutorial to make these with a group of kids this weekend. Thanks so much! I love not having to worry about pins.