Monday, July 8, 2013

Design your own Pinwheel


It's nice to be able to make pinwheels using your own designs or your child's. I had painted these florals some time ago and pulled them out of my files and copied them onto ordinary computer paper. I have done this project with children where they color both sides of a sheet of paper with contrasting colors so that your pinwheel has a more dynamic look. If you use a pastel palette on one side, then you can use bolder colors on the reverse. I adhered the two copies with spray glue.



I cut the paper so that it was a square and drew lines to find the center. I made four cuts that went from each corner and half way to the center. I then picked up every other corner and used a glue stick to attach it to the center. They want to keep popping up on you so I would suggest holding them down until they are almost dry. Kind of a drag. I thought I had some dowels to use as sticks, but couldn't find them, so I used relatively smooth sticks from my yard and like the rustic look. I used a pushpin to attach the center of the pinwheel to the stick. I wanted to photograph the pinwheel poking out of my pot of begonias, but it is too breezy today to get a good shot.


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