Thursday, July 10, 2014

Prints of Russian Nesting Dolls

The prints of nesting dolls were done by pre-schoolers and then assembled by me to auction at our school fundraiser. Each child was given the basic shape of the doll, cut from Styrofoam. They used a small wooden mallet to impress textures into the foam. Printing ink was applied to the "plate" nesting doll and the image was printed. Each child made two prints. On the first print, that they kept, they drew in a face of their own. On the one for the auction piece, I made the faces since some children at that age have trouble placing the features. I purchased a large stretched canvas (2.5 x 4') and painted it a navy-black background with acrylics. I adhered the prints with a white glue and top it off with some glitter Modpodge. The project tied in with their study of Russia. Feel free to ask questions in the comments or contact me.

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  1. Did you cut the styrofoam shape by hand? Each doll with a scissor? THX!