Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Water Bottle Sculpture

This was a collaborative art project that I did with all the children in the school where I teach and inspired by the American glass sculptor Dale Chihuly. My husband brought home the empty Poland Spring bottles from work and I washed them all in sudsy water in our basement utility sink.
My husband also helped out by making this handy drying rack. Each bottle was painted twice with contrasting colors of Martha Stewart's acrylic craft paint. She has some beautiful metallics. When the bottles are cut apart, the first color shows on the inside of the bottle and the second coat shows on the outside. The bottles were either cut in strips to mimic flower petals or in a spiral to imitate a vine. Once cut, the plastic is easy to manipulate and curl.
I strung the bottles with ribbon to form garlands.


  1. what a great idea! love the effect of them as a banner too

  2. Check this out:


  3. What a fun project to do with kids! I love Chihuly and think this is a great tribute to his work.

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  5. In the event that you went to Governor's Island in New York the previous summer you definitely saw the surging, cloud-like structure that sits amidst the yard. Furthermore in case you're anything like my children you most likely dashed up to it to see precisely what thing was. Anyhow its not until you get up close that you understand its produced using numerous, numerous plastic jugs stringed together. I was there with my friend Jake P.