Monday, November 25, 2013

Rubbings on Cloth

This is the first time that I've tried doing rubbings on cloth. I used some very lightweight cotton that I happened to have on hand. I plan on trying this with children tomorrow. I think their biggest problem may be that the cloth will shift as they are working. I plan on using textures that are not as "slippery" as the pictured plate. I used oil pastels for this since I was working on cloth, and I unwrapped the sticks so that the children will be encouraged to use the broad side instead of just the end. In the piece pictured, the cloth did shift somewhat, but I think that it adds some dimension. I used three colors. We'll probably practice on paper first.
If you enjoy this project, you'll find yourself looking everywhere for pretty textures to use.


  1. Do you know Ive never thought of rubbing onto fabric in the first place lol
    Guess with that plate in particular had you a larger piece of fabric it could be tucked under and masking taped together to help keep it in place?
    Great idea though, lots of possibilities there for adults let alone kids lol