Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Art "Bingo" / A Game for Kids

I discovered this idea at Tinker Lab and modified it slightly to use in my after school class with children that are only between the ages of three and five. Sometimes I need a quick activity to fill in the last five to ten minutes of the class and I find that a game works better than reading a story at that hour of the day. Yesterday, it worked out that I just used this game with the Kindergarteners and it was the perfect activity.


I picked up a package of these blocks at Michaels. With a Sharpie I drew a different simple design on each surface. Two children played at a time. I gave them each a sheet of paper divided into 6 squares with the same selection of Sharpies that I had drawn with. They used the wood block as dice. Each child drew what came up on their dice. The winner was the first to fill in all the squares with each of the individual designs. I was amazed at how easily they were able to translate what they saw.


  1. What a good idea. I'll bet the kids love you. I really like the papier mache bowls too.

  2. i really love this game, it's such a great idea!