Friday, October 4, 2013

Masks and Dramatic Play

As an illustrator I enjoy creating an image that can be turned into a mask. As a part time art teacher at a Montessori school I enjoy making masks with children and watching them tell stories as the character that the mask has allowed them to transform into. With Halloween approaching we think more about masks and costumes, but for children the activity of role playing is an important tool in learning to interact with others and honing imagination and communication skills. When I was growing up we had a toy box in the basement that was full of "dress-up" clothes and plastic toy high heels that resembled the shoes that Barbie dolls wore. I loved walking around in those little heels and pretending that I was a grown-up. It's funny because I never wear high heels today. Having props on hand encourage creativity. There's an excellent article about the benefits of dramatic play here.
My masks are here.

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