Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oodles of Doodles Easter Basket

Template may be purchased HERE. This is a fun little springtime project to make with your child or for your child. I started with a square of board that is used to mount photos, but poster board would work just as well. I divided my square into nine small squares and used markers to doodle the flower pattern. I flipped it over and drew in the yellow stripes, cut out another piece for the handle and also decorated that piece. I cut along the green lines that are indicated in my diagram below and used a bone folder to score along the dashed line. Holes were punched in the small blue circles so that paper fasteners or brads can join the sides and the handle. I used a little white glue to secure the sides. Add a little bunny mask to your basket here.
A template may be purchased here. Featured on The Crafty Crow!


  1. This is great! If only my doodles looked as good as yours! Do you have an tutorials on becoming a good doodler???
    Just posted on Craft Gossip!


  2. very pretty! I'm thinking I'm too lazy to doodle ---- wondering if I can find pretty 12x12 cardstock... thank you -- I do appreciate your talent!

    1. Get some 12x12 scrap booking paper.

  3. Thanks for sharing such a good idea with us!!

    Regards from Spain

  4. Love this! What a nice simple basket to make, bookmarked for later :)
    And your doodles are AWESOME!! I love paisley :)

  5. I love this paisley pattern Vicki. I'm enjoying looking at this blog which for some reason I hadn't come across before!