Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Prints with Markers

This is an easy printmaking project that requires very few supplies. You will need some inexpensive water-soluble markers (I picked up mine at the Dollar Store), a pen or pencil for drawing the design, white paper, and some sheets of scratch-foam. The scratch-foam will be your printing plate and can be ordered from an art supply store. I have read posts online that suggest using Styrofoam trays from the supermarket, but I find that it is difficult to impress the trays with a nice clean line.


Begin with a square of the scratch-foam, maybe a 3x3". Design your piece so that you are working out from one of the corners. Think of your "plate" as one quarter of a flower. You will be printing your piece four times so that your final design will be a 6x6" square. Make sure that when you press your pen into the scratch-foam you are leaving an impression that can be felt easily. Color in the different areas of your design with the markers. Lightly dampen the paper with a wet sponge. Turn your scratch-foam over onto the damp paper and rub the back with a wooden spoon. repeat the coloring and printing three more times.

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