Saturday, May 13, 2017

Paste Paper the Easy Way

Making paste paper is similar to to fingerprinting. Traditionally the patterned papers have been used in bookmaking and it's a great tactile project for children. Unlike fingerprinting, you do not need any special paper. When I did a little research online, since it had been several years since I had done this process, I was a bit discouraged by the number of ingredients that some recipes required. I really did not want to purchase rice flour or alum or any other ingredient that I wouldn't be using again. And I certainly did not want to boil the paste on the stove. I had a container of wallpaper paste in the basement that I was more than happy to use up. I simply mixed the paste with acrylic paint and was set to go. I didn't measure anything out. It's easy enough to experiment a bit. You want to use enough paint so that your colors are not too washed out or transparent. I spritzed water onto 80 lb. drawing paper and plopped a couple colors of paste onto the children's paper. They spread the paint with sponge brushes and made impressions with some of the wacky tools that I have pictured. And feel free to use your fingers!

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