Friday, January 15, 2016

Stamping on Tea Towels

Creating your own stamps and printing them on tea towlels is a fairly simple project and the results are perfect to give as gifts or to add some color to your own kitchen. It's also a fun way to spend an afternoon with a friend.




white cotton tea towels


Speedball fabric ink


rubber brayer


sheets of craft foam


Tacky Glue




small clear plastic plates


I spent quite bit of time researching the best place to purchase the towels, I looked in a number of stores and at many sites online. I ultimately purcahsed the towels from Factory Direct Linen . They seemed to have the best quality and price. The Speedball fabric ink can be purchased at many places online and in some art stores.
In addition to the craft foam I also used material that is placed underneath area rugs that I purchased at the Dollar Store. I simply cut out different designs and glued them to the bottom of the plates. The reason that I chose clear plates is so that you can see where you are placing your stamps. An alternative to the plates would be sheets of plexiglass. I also used the plates as my surface for rolling out the ink with the brayer. Simply roll the ink onto the stamp and then press onto the towel. I find that a slightly padded work area, perhaps using some layers of newspaper, helps with the printing.
As you can see from the photo, I attached some of the textured material to a cork so that I could print a center for the flowers. The towels will take several hours or overnight to dry completely. Iron the back of the towel to set the ink. I have not printed the hearts yet, but will post when I do! Please feel free to contact me with questions.

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