Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Make your own Votive Candle Holders

I made these little candle holders for a party that we were having in our back yard. They have the look of summer and the beach. I also made about 70 of them, in the spring, for children to paint at the Montessori school where I teach. Initially I made them with Plaster of Paris, but I quickly ran out and discovered that a leftover bag of grey grout that I had in the garage worked equally well. I picked up the candles at a craft store and used the paper cups as molds. The cups had a wax lining and were constructed with folds, giving the candle holders an extra special look. Initially I thought that I would have to remove the candle from its metal holder and use a weight (washers and blue glass pictured) to sink the candle holder into the wet plaster (grout), but discovered that that was not necessary.
I simply mixed the plaster to a consistency that was easy to pour and then immediately sunk the votive candle, along with the liner, into the soupy plaster. I think they took about 24 hours to dry, maybe less. The grout takes longer. I painted them with acrylic.

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