Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Printing Blocks

I used a Soft-Kut Printing Block to carve my leaf stamp. They are much easier to cut than the linoleum blocks that I remember using when I was in school, although the cutting tools are the same, so they would not be appropriate for elementary school or even middle school age children.
I printed some large sheets that I plan on turning into Japanese lanterns.
I love post cards. They take me back to printing my first promotional piece as an illustrator when I got out of art school. There used to be a little store in Soho that only sold postcards. Can you even imagine that existing in NYC today?


  1. I remember that postcard shop very well! Do you remember the store that just sold paper? It was called 80 Papers located on Thompson St. It was owned by a woman who sold handmade and decorative papers.

  2. I don't remember 80 Papers, unfortunately. I still like to go upstairs to New York Central Central and look through all their wonderful papers. I get my pastel paper there when I'm in the city.