Thursday, January 1, 2015

Three Dimensional Five Point Star

Happy 2015! While I'm waiting for my sleepy family to roll out of bed I thought I would post photos of these paper stars that I became obsessed with making just before Christmas. I finished a couple of silver ones to add to a floral arrangement on my dining room table, but for next year I thought that I would some smaller ones for garlands or to add to the top of Christmas presents.
I printed a template of a five point star from Google images and used that as my pattern. The stars need to be folded or scored between each of the points and the opposite side. Every other fold need to reverse direction. If you look at my little diagram (where the lines do not meet perfectly in the center, but should),the lines with the hatch marks are re-folded in the opposite direction of the straight lines. This makes a flat piece of paper become dimensional.


  1. So neat, Vicki! I shared this post on my newsletter last week... love introducing your blog to other paper crafters.