Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Decoupage Child's Book Shelf

I decoupaged the bookcase to be auctioned off at the school's annual fundraise where I teach art part-time. The flowers, bird and insects were collaged using scrapbooking paper, sheets of the New York Times, maps, sheet music, and basically anything that struck my fancy. I copied the art on my printer and adhered it to the book shelf with elmer's glue. The images were then protected with layers of matte Mod Podge using a foam brush.


  1. Vicki, I actually have a question about the recycled water bottle/Chihuly project. Wondering more about the process. We want to enter something under "Recycled Art" at our county fair, but I wasn't sure about the painting process or the cutting. What did you cut the bottles with? Were the kids able to help with this or is it dangerous? Thanks, Rhonda H, art mom

    1. Hi Rhonda,
      The children did all of the painting. The key is to cover the bottle with one of two colors, let it dry, and then paint again with contrasting color. That way, when you cut the bottle the flower will have one color on the inside and a distinctive color on the outside.

      I did the majority of the cutting since the children I worked with were five and under. I just used scissors. The plastic does become a bit sharp when cutting, so be careful.

      Good luck! It's a very fun project. Let me know how it turns out.