Thursday, April 17, 2014

Marbled Easter Eggs

As you can see, I made quite a mess dyeing eggs this morning. I did a little research online on how to marbleize eggs, but wasn't entirely confident about the information that I found. I cobbled together my own technique and am somewhat pleased with the results, although I was hoping for some stronger colors and more swirly patters.


I used the Paas Egg Decorating Kit that's available at the supermarket. It includes just six colors. I mixed two of the shades following the directions for pastels colors, but if I make them again I will only follow the directions for vibrant shades. I added a splash of vegetable oil to each of the containers of color in an attempt to achieve a marbled look. I didn't even use a utensil to dip the eggs, just my fingers. That may have been a mistake since I am pretty stained. I get a little carried away when I experiment. I would place the egg in a container until it turned a shade that I liked, pluck it out and pat it with an old terry cloth towel. This was my own discovery for adding a little bit of pattern. You can probably see the "stripes" on some of the eggs.

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