Monday, July 15, 2013

Polymer Clay Book Covers for Handmade Accordion Book

I made this accordion book by combining some gelatin prints into a collage and adding text so that it became a calendar. I liked my little folding book , but I wanted to make covers for the front and back. I decided to use a purple polymer clay for that purpose. I pressed the clay into a flat sheet with a the same kind or rolling pin that you would use for pie crust and cut it into a rectangle. I then took the little cookie press pictured below and pressed the flower design into the clay. The clay bake in the oven at a low temperature for 20 minutes. I just followed the directions on the package of clay. When I removed my new book cover from the oven I took a dab of silver acrylic paint and rubbed it into the surface of the clay to add the metallic look.

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