Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Printing with Paper Doilies

This is a simple process of using doilies as stencils. I took a large sheet of white drawing paper and placed the doily on top of the paper. I cut up a kitchen sponge and used that to dab the acrylic paint directly onto the doilies so that the lace patterns would be captured. As you can see, I soaked through several doilies as I kept layering prints on top of one another. After it dried I cut my sheet of paper into rectangles and mounted the prints on notecards.


  1. Great craft! So many color and pattern possibilities! Just posted on Craft Gossip!

    1. Thank you!! I found this on Craft Gossip, otherwise I would never have seen the possibilities for all those paper doilies I have collected. I am a card maker, and I grab any little bit of inspiration I can to make my cards better. Thank you again :)

  2. This is a craft for adults who can make beautiful cards. Very few kids would have the color coordination and skills to do this project well.

  3. Really "Anonymous" ?? If the kids have done the art project, who cares if the colors are coordinated?? Some of the best art is done by "accident. And as a mother I would be proud to use their art in a card project, or, as usual, mount it on the fridge. I'm guessing you don't have children.

  4. The whole point of this technique is that it does not have to be executed "perfectly". You just keep overlapping designs and colors until it looks the way you want it to. Thanks for your comments cali3.

  5. How funny! I independently found you here through somebody's pin on pinterest, and we're on the NJ etsy team together!! I just love this idea & will most definitely be using it with my students.