Thursday, May 30, 2013

Using Collage to Illustrate a Poem

Having just completed a five week class on book arts for very young children I wanted to give special thanks to the witty and charming poems of Jack Prelutsky. I used his poems on three occasions for the children to illustrate. They were always amused and wide-eyed when I read the poems that are both intelligent and irreverent. For I'm Wearing an Enchanted Hat I printed his poem on the left hand side of a sheet of card stock and drew the line drawing of the child's face so that the children would have a starting point. I offered them a wide range of materials including felt, ribbon, scrap paper, glue to the card stock and create a collage of a magical hat. I did the collage pictured here, but the ones created by the children all put a smile on my face.

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  1. Hard to say which part I like most, Vicki- JP's poem, your art and prompt for this project, or just imaging all the great pieces that the kids might have created! All of the above?! Fun! :o)