Monday, April 22, 2013

Make a Simple Pop Up Book


The first project that I plan to introduce in a workshop on book arts for very small children this afternoon is a simple pop up book. They will begin with a sheet of white paper folded into an accordion so that they have four pages or two double page spreads. The children will have an assortment of decorative papers that can be cut and folded. Glue sticks will be used to adhere the ends of the paper to the pages of the book. One end should be glued to each side of the double page spread. In order for your book to close flat one fold in your paper strip should line up up with the fold in the double page spread. This is actually easier to do than it is to describe!



I printed covers that they can color and add their names to.




  1. What a novel way to introduce bookmaking with colorful pop-ups! Mahalo for sharing. I may lift this idea for our library summer reading program featuring dinosaurs.

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