Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Washer Necklaces

Painting a washer with nail polish and turning it into a pendant is a relatively easy and gratifying project even for small fingers. The nail polish on metal creates the look of glossy enamel. Make sure you start with a covered work area since the bottles of polish are not entirely spill proof. I would recommend that the brush be overloaded with polish and allowed to drop onto the washer. If you try to brush it, the polish will not cover well and will tend to mix together resulting in muddy colors. Droplets of color can be added on top of each other. Work in a ventilated area. Thank goodness nail polish is no longer limited to shades of red, pink and orange! Finish off your project with a decorative cord and a bead.


  1. That's a really nifty idea! I'll have to show this to my fashion jewelry loving granddaughter.
    Have a great day!

  2. I never thought of this! I love it! Thanks!

  3. Love the idea of nail polish! Also love the pattern you came up with! Just posted on Craft Gossip!