Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sparkle Paints

Making and using your own homemade sparkle paints is almost a form of therapy. It is just so relaxing. I mixed equal parts white flour, salt and water in a large mixing bowl. I had eight plastic squeeze bottles that I filled with the mixture and then added a dollop of acrylic paint to each and shook. I cut out 8x10 rectangles of corrugated cardboard from I box that I picked up at the supermarket. I was ready for my group of eight pre-schoolers. They each started with their own color and I emphasized that they should just keep the bottles moving as they squeezed the paint out so that they didn't end up with a giant puddle. We wound up with some lovely results although they may take a few days to dry!


They are called sparkle paints because they glitter once they dry due to the salt. Since I had some leftover paint when I got home I couldn't resist making my own. Once the cardboard was covered with paint I gently moved a fork over the surface to give it that feathery look.

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  1. This looks like so much fun and a great alternative to glitter glue that my kids always want to use!!

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