Monday, July 9, 2012

Decorate your own Candle Holders

These custom candle holders are the perfect accent for your garden party and make an excellent rainy day activity for children, even though we haven't had had too many days like that here in New Jersey yet this summer. I always keep extra candles on hand in case we loose our power and these are very inexpensive to pick up at the supermarket. I made the floral drawing with markers on a sheet of copy paper and then ran my original through the printer. I adhered my copies to the glass candle holder with Mod Podge and then sealed it with an extra topcoat.


  1. Your floral paper design is just gorgeous!
    Our power was out recently from storms, and I realized I really need more candles. I'm thinking this design would make them quite tolerable, that is .... if its okay to print it out & use at home?

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