Monday, February 6, 2012


Polymer clay is so much fun to work with since it is available in such luscious colors. I generally like to mix two or three colors together until swirly patterns appear. When you first open a package it is necessary to knead the clay so that the warmth of your hands make it softer and easier to manipulate. I used three simple bead shapes in my necklace. For the round beads I just rolled the clay into balls and used a toothpick for the opening, the tube shaped beads I made by rolling the clay as if I were making a snake and with the little triangles I rolled out clay with a rolling pin and then cut out the shapes with a butter knife. After following the package directions for baking them in your oven they will still be soft to the touch for a few minutes. I strung the beads on the cord that is pictured below and the spacer beads and barrel clasp I picked up at a craft store.

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