Thursday, February 16, 2012

colored pencil on wood

When I bought several (closer to a couple dozen) of these maple Kindergarten chairs from a sale at an elementary school I knew that I wanted to decorate them with illustrations that were in keeping with my own style. The pastels that I generally work with were not going to work here so I turned to colored pencils and was able to achieve the detail that I wanted. As you can see from the "before" photo the chairs required some loving care with sandpaper and wood glue. They do, however, still retain some of their distressed charm. I sealed the deal with an oil-based polyurethane that I applied with one of those sponge brushes. I kept getting air bubbles when I used a brush and a salesperson at my hardware store clued me in to the sponge brush.

The fairy chair and one illustrated with a cowboy are available at my shop.


  1. Did you find that any of the color smeared when you brushed on the poly?

  2. No, it did not smear at all. As I remember that's why I used oil-based polyurethane. I think I tested it on a piece of scrap wood first with water-based polyurethane and it was like washing away the image.