Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Spectacular Bedazzled Elephants

Elephants are such amazing animals that it is no wonder that they are so often depicted in art. Their iconic form is easily recognizable to children and a wonderful subject matter for this art project. When I present the project to my art class I will show the children images of elephants that have been decorated in India and ask them if they can think of any famous elephants from children's books. I am thinking right now of Babar, but I am sure there are others.


I cut the elephant shape from a heavy paper, slightly lighter in weight than chipboard. The feet I cut from corrugated cardboard. The strength of the cardboard is necessary for support. I cut slits in the feet to insert the elephant body. To decorate the body I started by drawing designs with different colored felt tip pens. I then went to town using bottles of puffy paint and glitter glue. Both of these items were in squeeze bottles, with tiny openings in the top allowing me to create a lot of detail.
If you would like the elephant templatecontact me through my website

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