Monday, December 7, 2020

Turn a Sheet of Paper into an Eight Page Book

Pictured are the lay-outs for two folding books that I illustrated for a non-profit in India. This organization provides reading material for underpriviledged children. The books can be printed on one sheet of paper and very economically distributed to children who lack access to books. I was asked to illustrate one book written by someone else, and one that I would write and illustrate about my background as an artist. After printing, the books can be folded up to function as an accordion book with words and images on both sides.
The concept can be great fun when used as a bookmaking project for children just learning to read. My books were scaled to be printed on standard 8.5 x 11" printing paper, but larger drawing paper can be employed. If the paper is folded first, the child can begin adding words and pictures. The picture above illustrates how the paper is folded with a slit cut in the middle of the long side.
Here is a diagram that I found online and explains the process better than I could:
It's a little tricky to grasp how the book folds at first, it was for me anyway. I was shown how to do it over a zoom call with someone I had never met before. After a couple flubs, I did get it and you will too!

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