Monday, October 31, 2016

Origami Animal Faces

These cute animal faces are a fun project to make with small children. In this case, I started with card stock that had been cut into 8 1/2 inch squares. I did all of the folding, since they were very young, and they told me if they wanted the ears left pointy (more like a cat or owl) or folded to be somewhat square (more like a dog or bear). I gave them a selection of buttons, corks, cork discs and pebbles. They adhered these objects with white glue to represent the features of the animal. A slight shift in placement will turn a dog into an owl and this is part of what makes the project fun. Some children added steps with tempera and a sponge.


Here are the steps for folding:


Fold the square diagonally.
Fold diagonally in the other direction.
Fold the ears back.
Fold the ears back towards the base.
Fold the bottom tip up for a chin. Or leave it pointed.
You can make the faces stand up by stuffing them with a bit of paper toweling.

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