Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Paper Mache Bowls

I did a post last winter for another blog about making paper mache bowls with children and now I would like to share that information here.


1. You will need to choose a bowl to use as the form. It's preferable to pick something with straight sides so that after everything dries you can easily detach the paper mache from your form or model.


2. Cover the outside of the mold with petroleum jelly. This prevents the paper mache from becoming attached to your mold.


3. Mix flour and water so that it is the consistency of white glue.


4. Tear newspaper into small strips.


5. Dip the newspaper in the flour mixture and remove the excess with your fingers. (Some children do not enjoy this messy aspect).


6. Cover the bowl with one or two layers.


7. Allow to dry overnight.


8. Add one to two more layers.


9. Dry.


10. Paint with tempera or acrylic.

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